LED Night Light Vacuum Cleaner Series

CH-931 LED Night Light Tornado Vacuum cleaner

The new LED night light vacuum series added a yellow LED night light in the front on the charging stand. You can switch it on by pressing the button . It is used for lightening at night and for decoration.

Our unique tornado vacuum cleaner has a double-layer filter. Its unique design allows dust to distribute evenly on the filter surface while operating. The advantages of it are to maintain continuous strong suction power and to extend the life time of the vacuum cleaner. Unlike normal vacuum cleaners, our filter is washable and can be used again.

It also comes with some attachments. The nozzle helps to vacuum area which is difficult to reach, for example, wall corners, under the table… The long tube makes life easier while it can reach the ceiling. This light-weight vacuum cleaner is especially efficient to clean corners and areas that are difficult to reach.

Like our normal vacuum cleaners, it is hand held operated and easy to store. Our vacuum cleaner can also be used in cars. Just connect the direct use car plug to the cigarette lighter socket.

CH-930 LED Night Light Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

For our LED night light wet and dry vacuum cleaner, it removes not only dust and garbage, but it can also handle watery stains.

The charging stand of this wet and dry vacuum cleaner is surrounded by blue LED light.

Always remember to switch off the vacuum cleaner before emptying up the vacuumed dirt and garbage. Press the release button to detach the dust compartment. Remove the filters and then empty the dust container.

The LED vacuum series is not only convenient and easy to use but they are also very powerful. The suction power can reach as high as 22mbar. The dust compartment has a large capacity which can store up to maximum volume of 450ml of dust and garbage.

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